Helivid Canada 2015, Vancouver British Columbia
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     We are proud to offer you pollution free, battery operated radio controlled aerial photography and videography. Budget friendly, safe, professional and expeditious. our multirotor UAV platform will enhance your video/photography project, or keep inspection personnel safely on the ground. Helivid Canada operates under Transport Canada guidelines and is fully insured. Born out of thirty years of film and television experience, Helivid Canada has the creativity and industry understanding to help you realize your vision. Utilizing state of the art flight and camera stabilization technologies, Helivid Canada offers breathtaking high definition aerial video.
     Helivid Canada offers equipment and personnel for single operator shooting as well as a radio controlled, I.A.T.S.E  International Cinematographers Guild camera operator for two man camera platforms. 

     A Helivid Canada camera operator worked with  a two man aerial crew for the  television series "when Calls the Heart". The pilot flew an Octocopter with a Sony Nex 7 camera. The radio controlled camera gimbal operation and editing were handled by Helivid Canada in association with Narrow Road Productions Ltd. A portion of this video was used by the television shows producers for their promotional trailer and can be seen on the Hallmark Channel website.
     Film makers, television, Realtors, destination spots, sporting events and contractors can all benefit from an aerial perspective. Put our craft in harms way before you think about putting personnel in that position. The uses are only limited by your imagination.

     For the film maker, shots are quick to set up, quick to execute. Amazing helicopter shots without the danger, expense, crew and time of a full size aircraft. Get closer to the subject, safer, quicker and without the pollution. Get your off shore beach shot without expensive boats, divers and time. By the time the boat is in the water, Helivid Canada has already made the shot.

With our live video downlink, you can watch the shot as it happens and make changes as the inspiration hits you.
    Our light weight aerial camera platform is a great creative tool for recording your sporting events, maybe get that amazing tracking shot of a motocross jump, or even take your audience onto the water to experience something a long lens camera just can not achieve. Our quadcopter is carrying a three axis fully stabilized GoPro black camera capable of 1080p  and 2.7k high definition imagery

Contact Helivid Canada and discover how we can be a valuable addition to your creative toolbox.
We are happy to offer this site which is optimized for a wide range of devices. From you smart phone to your fablet, tablet and  27" desktop,  our goal, is to give you a richer more readable experience. And for more videos, please visit our Helivid Canada Youtube channel. The link is in the menu above. Don't forget to click the cog wheel on the lower right side of the screen when viewing and select 1080p high definition playback.

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